The most useful bondage jobs for blow jobs

The most useful bondage jobs for blow jobs

When you along with your partner have actually learned the nine amazing bondage roles on our list, you’ll be happily surprised to learn that they are perfect for some blow job action that is seriously great!

The best bondage roles for blow jobs are:

  1. The Seat Bondage position
  2. The Spreadeagle
  3. The Crab Tie position
  4. Zeus
  5. The Hogtie

1. The Chair Bondage position

The seat bondage place lends it self completely to 1 associated with the blow job positions that are greatest of most time – the Boss’s seat!

Here’s just just how it is done:

(Redraw this with all the man strapped into a expansive intercourse seat, or simply tied up onto a typical seat within the seat bondage place).


Because of this one, the man is the sub, therefore ladies, give consideration… To provide your man an earth-shattering blow work, connect him up to a seat into the seat bondage position. There wasn’t a guy alive who’ll stop their woman from carrying this out! Kneel between their feet, search him within the eyes and gradually unzip his fly. To obtain a lot more principal with him, try blindfolding him once you’ve tied him up – he’ll love the enhanced sensation as you give him head!

2. The Spreadeagle

The spreadeagle is yet another UNBEATABLE bondage position for guys whom prefer to get mind while tangled up.

In the event your guy enjoys being fully a sub, offering him a blow work into the spreadeagle position will certainly tick all of the right boxes!


Okay ladies, therefore you’ll start with instructing your sub to lie in the bed and kick things down by forcefully spreading their feet. This lets him understand you’re in control but in addition allows him flake out while you seize control.

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