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397, held that the books of the Old Testament Apocrypha were part of Holy Scripture. These seem to be the first church counsels that made any formal pronouncement on the canon. It is the view of the Roman Catholic Church, that in doing so, they were merely reflecting the belief at that time.

Only the Septuagint should have been used as it is the oldest and most authoritative version of the bible currently extant. So going on the bible the people of that religion will not go to heaven as they have not given up their processions as they are still with their church. When Jesus said “on this rock, I will establish my church” he was referring to himself as the chief conerstone of the church, not Peter. But, Catholics always give Peter special honors as if Peter had a superior holiness. Peter was jacked up just like each of us, but God used him anyway.

Translation Integrity

Using the concordance, you can see the Strong’s number for the word love at the end of this verse is G26. From here, you can go to the Greek section of a strong’s concordance and find the 26th entry in numerical order, which is agape, and see the full meaning of the original word. Strong’s Numbers are basically a numerical index of every word used in the original Hebrew and Greek texts of our modern-day Bibles. The numbers make it easy to look up the original word and its accompanying definition in the English language.

Christ said “let no man change a jot or a tittle from the law until heaven and earth sease to exsist”. Yet Catholics claim they were given authority to change the 10 commandments. They even falsely declare that gods holy sanctified Sabbath day has been changed to Sunday . Because the Catholic Bible was the only biblical text at the time that was of any use to the King James Bible scholars.

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Organized Christianity was now on the move and made equal before the law with the few remaining pagan religions still recognized by the Roman government. Some church historians accord these events as one of the most decisive in world history. Whether Constantine was himself “converted” in the sense of New Testament usage of the word matters little. What does matter, and very much, is that the “c-h-u-r-c-h”; the institution of the church, was legalized for the first time; all of this done with no Biblical justification whatsoever! The full majesty and power of the stately Roman government conferred its recognition and blessing upon this new formed institutional church. The scheme sought to place self-appointed leaders in mediation between men and God, usurping the authority of Christ.

  • You never recognized him as your Lord there, in his Holly church.
  • A wide variety of English-language translations is available, spanning the full spectrum of translation philosophy, and it can be difficult to choose the most appropriate version.
  • Thou hast with thine arm redeemed thy people, the sons of Jacob and Joseph.
  • First, it’s good to know that the original bible was written in Hebrew, and the new testament was written in Greek.
  • They did not accept either the prophets or the writings.
  • Many church leaders and teachers today would have us believe that challenging the word “church” is foolish and that King James Bible apk it should not be done.

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