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She is an alumni of VIT University, Vellore and has worked on transgenic wheat as a part of her Masters dissertation from NRCPB , New Delhi. After completing her Masters, she developed a passion for nutrition and fitness, which are closely related to human psychology. In her leisure time, Charushila loves to cook and enjoys mobile photography.

These apps and fitness trackers can be helpful to chart your progress. This sports tracker takes care of the details and is the perfect accessory for anyone who loves to walk, bike or jog. The app will display the exact route, distance and pace so you can track your progress and even allows you to browse workout history to see just how you’ve improved over time.

The Best Weight Lifting Apps Out There

The app will even help you navigate from the nearest parking lot to the start of the trail. Strava also recently added a club function, so users can join smaller supportive communities, and even organize rides through the app. If you upgrade, you get access to heart rate and power data; ‘Suffer Scores’ that boil your efforts down to a numerical grade; the option to send real-time updates to emergency contacts; and more.

  • Get reviews from other women with similar tastes and expectations.
  • Not only will you be able to see how your activity rings are doing throughout the day, you’ll get to quickly launch into a workout, weather permitting.
  • Plus you can get up to a week of life out of it with normal use, so you won’t need to take it off to charge at night.
  • Nikki’s channel on YouTube is immensely popular for its booty- and leg-workout videos.
  • Though we all share fitness as a common hobby or interest, the discussion here can be about any big or little Female Fitness for Android thing you choose.
  • Connect with your friends on ClassPass to plan workouts together.

63% of people attended boutique studios because of the community aspect formed while 47% went because of the atmosphere, according to a Nielsen and Les Mils survey in 2014. The years old generation are more likely to attend fitness studios than other age groups, IHRSA reported. In 2018, adults between the age of 18 to 24 were most likely to meet the recommendations for aerobic physical activities. In 2008, Curves for Women was considered one of the most successful fitness franchises in the world having over 10,000 locations across the globe and 4 million members. However, closing of franchises reduced the number to 5,208 locations in 2010.

Runtastic Running & Fitness

Map My Fitness also works with Apple Watch, Android Wear, Garmin devices, Samsung Gear, and others. In fact, for less than $100, some of the best cheap fitness trackers can monitor your sleep, your heart rate and send you notifications from your smartphone. A few of these affordable trackers have companion apps with social features for challenging friends, which is a great way to get — and stay — active. Itsines launched the Bikini Body Guide, usually referred to as BBG, in 2014, and women all over the world swear by it, including me.

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